Circle Craft Summer Market @ Jack Poole Plaza: July 25-28

Circle Craft Summer Market Banner Circle Craft Summer Market Info

Circle Craft is hosting its first Summer Market this year at Jack Poole Plaza, right on the Coal Harbour waterfront next to the new Convention Center. That’s where you’ll find us between July 25th to 28th, with our latest wares, some sale goodies and leather overalls!

We’re hoping you are enjoying your summer so far, and our amazing streak of warm, sunny weather. To make it even warmer, we're offering a special promotion for the Circle Craft Summer Market weekend: buy any of our bags (or overalls)* and get a QtBeach beach tote on the house, either at the market, or online at

Full show details can be found here:

* Excludes Featherlights, Folder Petits and other sale items.