Hold-All (Natural, Large)

Holdall (Large)
Holdall Holdall (Small)Holdall (Large)

Rustic decorative storage "bucket" made of woven vegetable-tanned leather and hardened into shape using Cuir Bouilli technique. Finished with knots and removable + washable linen lining.

Designed to house small items on your countertop, kitchen, or just to drop off the keys, as you’re settling home for the night.

Measuring approximately:

18 cm Height (not including the high points on the vertical posts);

18 cm Bottom diameter;

23 cm Top diameter Intended for indoor use.

Sealed with light water-resistant coating.

The colours will change and darken over time. If intended to be used as planters, pls, make sure they are sheltered from prolonged contact with water. A sealed ceramic or plastic planter should be used as a base.

Each Hold-all will be unique in, both, weaving pattern, look and shading. No two will ever be exactly the same. To clean: spot-clean or wipe the leather with a damp cloth. Wash the lining in cold water under gentle cycle. OK to use a moderate stain remover. FW16 Strange Collection - nothing is ordinary

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At a Glance: 
Rustic storage bucket
Fall/Winter 2016
Natural/ Stained
Leather Weight: 
5.5 oz